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YEEHAW - Cowboy Era || Valentine's Bookmark

YEEHAW - Cowboy Era || Valentine's Bookmark

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Valentine's day is upon us again, creeping up on us and reminding some of us the only relationship we have is the one we have with our books... It's not a problem! We'll just make our books look cute and use our favorite Valentine's bookmarks! 

Thanks to Elsie Silver, we have fallen back in love with Cowboys and we're definitely in our Cowboy Era again, and oh my.... So have a lot of other people! Welcome to the Cowboy era, ladies and gentlepeople! 


- they're standard bookmark size, found on google, so they're a tad bit smaller than a normal bookmark we're used too. (once we get with books, they're bigger) mine are about 2 x 6 inches!
- printed on glossy photo paper for the best color pop-out!
- because i use flash photo, the colours might differ a bit in real life! please be aware of that!
- the bookmarks are laminated for extra long use!

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