Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions you might have, but don't worry, we shall answer them all! Here is a collection of the FAQ we have been asked before or just general information we like to share with you. If you have a burning question that has not been answered before, please contact us via email: with your questions! or us the contact form!

All your burning questions, with answers!

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Do I get a "Track and Trace" code?

Absolutely you do! All our items are shipped TRACKED! And its whole journey will be tracked by you, so no worries! All orders will be tracked, (it states so when you choose your preferred shipping option!)

- all shipping is calculated at checkout due to the items weight! -

Are the jewellery items real silver/gold?

Unfortunately, no! It would be way more, and too expensive to get the items to make them. After a time your jewellery bought from us might turn green! Please don't keep them in while in the shower, or run them under the water in general, they'll discolor even faster then! 

What are OOPSIES / B-Grade items?

Oopsies or B-Grade Items are good items, but they're slightly off, a little different. The item might not be perfectly in the centre, or the vinyl is discolored. It's just a good item with a slight difference, but cheaper and still the same quality! 

If my item is a gift, can you wrap it for me?

Of course! you should totally let us know in a message, and leave the message you want with the gift as well! Then we will carefully wrap the present and put a note in!

Can I order something custom?

Of course you can request a custom order! We have some pre-made custom order listings on our website. For keychains, bookmarks, prints and more! You can choose one of them, buy them, and then E-mail us your ideas. Or send it over to us on our instagram: @lilmagicstore! Then we can talk through your ideas together and make the final products! 

How our custom order process works:

We won't make custom items of any form without pre-payment first. You can always ask if we can make you a custom order, then the answer is always: YES! 

Then we will kindly ask you to order the custom order on our website of the desired product, that way we are secured and you are secured. We won't spend time on a Custom Order as long as it is not paid for. (this can be talking about the design, to working out the design. No payment = No time spent on your order) Time is what makes the Custom Order slightly more expensive, it's all handmade and not bulk-made. 

Once it is paid for you can send us a message on instagram, or an e-mail stating the details of your Custom Order. And however you would want to receive it. Then we will make the final designs and talk to you about it, send pictures of the designs to you so you can agree or disagree with it. It is YOUR product in the end! Once you agree with the final designs, we are ready to cut out your product (or print it out), and make it ready to be shipped to you! If the product is ready; we will send you a picture before we mail it to you! 

Custom Orders will take 5-10 business days to be made. Because it's made for you, and needs agreement before we start on it. Thank you for your understanding. 

Sticker information:

Everything we sell is the highest quality we can get! We will do our best to ensure you get high quality items, and make them affordable! 

Our stickers are non-water or weatherproof, they're just basic glossy stickers to put on your laptop or use them in journals! Which makes them very afforable for everyone! 

Everything about shipping, refunds, exchanges and returns!

Everything about shipping, refunds, returns and exchanges can be found in our stores Policies! (all the way at the bottom under "shipping policy")

If you have particular questions about it, reach out to us!

Washing Instructions Textile

The washing instructions are fairly simple and they apply to all of our textile products. Every order does get a "Care Guide" with their textile products, but we know it will get lost. So here is all you need to know for washing your textile products!

- Always wash your textiles on the coldest settings, most washers have 30 degrees celcius as the lowest setting, use that. If your lowest is 40 degrees, then use 40. DO NOT wash warmer than 40 degrees celcius! (for Fahrenheit users, we have no clue what it is in Fahrenheit, either google it or just use the coldest setting on your washer!)
- Always wash the item with similar colors (Lights x lights, dark x darks)
- Wash it inside out as well, less risky for the sweater and it wont get stuck to something else on accident.
- DO not, and we mean NEVER tumble dry or dry clean the item! Let it air dry, or you risk the vinyl coming off!
- The vinyl is delicate, so we recommend to not iron directly over the vinyl. We recommend not ironing it at all, because heat might make it weak, and most lightly will tear off sooner.

- Yes eventually it will start to fade, and we too can't stop that. But that's normal. because wear and tear can not be stopped naturally!

Sweaters: Can I return them?

The simple answer: NO. It may sound hard and harsh, but we buy the sweater specially for you and your size so we can not return it back to the manufacturer of the sweaters.
These are basically custom made sweaters, and we will not be able to re-sell the items if they're brought back to us.

So, NO, there will be no returns on the sweaters and hoodies, this also applies to t-shirts.

Can I exchange for a different size?

It's absolutely possible, if we have the overstock, for you to exchange the sizes! Only if we also have the stock for that size, if we have to order it. there will be a fee.

If you want to submit an exchange for a different size, please e-mail us the following details:
- your full name, and address of the order
- your ordernumber
- a photo of the item you received, as well as a picture of the size in the label.
- when we approve an exchange (which we won't always due because of the low stock!) you will have to ship it to us, we do not cover shipping back to us!

use the following e-mail address:

I want a plus-size sweater or t-shirt!

That's great! We'd love to help you!

We are always looking into new manufacturers for plus-sizes, but they're harder to find unfortunately. When you do want a plus size item, you need to e-mail us at - - first, and then we can talk about plus-sizes! It's easier to have the sweaters or tees be ordered for the person than have them in stock all the time (and not sell them), some listings are being made into plus-size listings, but sometimes that's not always possible!

for Plus-Sizes there is a wait time for 1-2 weeks, as well as the handmade sweaters and t-shirts, it will take a longer time!

When will my sweater arrive!

As said on the listings for both t-shirts and sweaters: it will take longer as we make it from scratch, we have to wait for the sweaters / shirts and then we need to cut the materials to make the sweaters / shirts

The standard delivery time for SWEATERS and SHIRTS is always 1-2 weeks!

Bookmarks FAQ

Bookmarks are not made to last a lifetime, unfortunately our bookmarks will not last that long either. They're cheap, to make them affordable for everyone. But they will not last years!

We laminate the bookmarks to give them more use, but overtime you might notice that they can fall apart and therefor get ugly. - that's very normal for our bookmarks!

because of the laminate we give them a little more durability, but due to humidity and cold: they might break apart earlier too.

Is your question not answered and you need an answer AS SOON AS POSSIBLE? Please contact us on Instagram under: @lilmagicstore
or E-mail us at:
All questions will be answered and we will do our best to answer quickly!