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Will You Be My Valentine Card || Handmade Valentines Card

Will You Be My Valentine Card || Handmade Valentines Card

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Don't want that one person to reject you? With this card they stand no chance to even say NO! They have to tell you YES! Because that's all we want!
It's a perfect card for anyone who wants to kind of prank their lover too, it's a quirky card but also still really cute and simplistic!

The cards are printed at our home and made from a thin cardboard material, they can stand up right and are durable. As the design is printed on it won't smudge as much

- the card is standard sized at 14.3 x 10.5 CM
- comes in 2 colours, kraft or white
- handmade and printed by us
- FSC certified paper
- some may have a little bit of a metallic finish as we printed them on metallic paper
- printed with the Canon Pixma TS3400 series, using inktjet cartridges

- made to order, but will ship between 3-4 business days!

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