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Treat Jar || Dogs / Cats

Treat Jar || Dogs / Cats

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Which Jar?

Treat Jars for your pets! it can be used for dogs, cats, horses, you name it! it's just a candy jar for your pets! 

These jars make a perfect gift for the new pup, or kitten in the family! Everyone will love a good customized piece for their beloved pet! something they can use everyday! 

 Disclaimer: the dog on the pictures is Max, he is basically my mascot and my best bud! I did have permission from my parents to put him on my website, don't worry! He is the goodest boy ever! 😊


- the glass jar is from REAL glass and will break when handled incorrectly 
- embedded with long lasting vinyl, pressed on with human strength
- the jar holds about 500 ML
- please read the instructions you get with the jar carefully before using it. 
- comes in 3 designs you can choose of; "Treats", "All Over Print with cookies and pawprints" & a "Customized Jar" with your pets name on it, and you can choose the text. (Make sure to leave me a message on instagram or email us the specifications of what you would want!) 
-treat jars will come empty, or filled with a mix of cookies, (300gr of cookies) 

- do not pull at the vinyl, if you pick at it, the vinyl will come loose
- do not wash the jar unless completely necessary, if the jar needs washing, only wash the inside with soap.
- treat the outside with a damp dish cloth, or paper towel, not wet, no soap. and do not SCRUB the outside! only scrub the inside. 
- DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DISHWASHER! HANDWASH ONLY, and do NOT SCRUB THE VINYL WITH A SPONGE! Take it down with a cloth to keep the vinyl ON longer! if you scrub it: it will scratch the vinyl and eventually take it off! 

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