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Spooky Bookmark Collection - Halloween Print

Spooky Bookmark Collection - Halloween Print

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Boo, to YOU!

We have a suprise Spooky Bookmark Collection for y’all, and we have a few variations to choose from. We are looking into more “holiday” collections and why not start off with out favorite! (Yes these will be available year-round, but the designs will change per year!)


- they're standard bookmark size, found on google, so they're a tad bit smaller than a normal bookmark we're used too. (once we get with books, they're bigger) mine are about 2 x 6 inches!
- printed on glossy photo paper for the best color pop-out!
- because i use flash photo, the colours might differ a bit in real life! please be aware of that!
- the bookmarks are laminated for extra long use!

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