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SIX The Musical Waxmelts || Hearts

SIX The Musical Waxmelts || Hearts

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 We're one of a kind, no category! 

And that's why we have 6 hearts, maybe 6 hearts of stone, but who'll tell? ;)
Our SIX waxmelts come in a package of SIX, one for each queen! And each waxmelt has its own scent! 

- Catherine of Aragon, Yellow - Blossom Scent
- Anne Boleyn, Green - Honeydew Melon Scent 
- Jane Seymor, White - Vanilla Scent 

- Anne of Cleves, Red - Peppermint Scent
- Katherine Howard, Pink - Cherry Blossom Scent 
- Catherine Parr, Blue - Lavender Scent 

Always keep an eye on your waxmelts when burning! You're using hot wax and it may burn! Always be careful when being around hot things, when burned: cool hands immediately! 



- Soy Waxmelts for Wax Burners
- Natural candle oils and pigments 
- Mica powder to let it shimmer when it melts

- Only burn it in the same room and keep an eye on the product! You are using hot candles.
- Burn time: around 3-4 hours is best

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