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Professional Bookworm Mug || 11oz

Professional Bookworm Mug || 11oz

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Are you a reader? Looking for a perfect mug? Look no further! We have got the perfect mug for you! This "Professional Bookworm Mug" is perfect for the reader! It's double sided as well, more fun! 

 This 11 oz Mug will be the best thing yet! It's a mug with your favorite print on it, and is super durable! Which makes it really sustainable! What are you waiting for? Get your favorite mugs now! 

- Mug is 11oz (about 330ML) 
- The design is heat-pressed into the mug, using Sublimation
- All is handmade, from the design, to the prints to the making of the mug, you're always ordering a one of a kind because of that!
- DO NOT microwave or put it in the dishwasher, if you still do that: the fault is not with us if the design fades. 

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