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Custom Print - make it yourself!

Custom Print - make it yourself!

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Here at Lil Magic Store it is possible to request a custom order, that YOU can customize as a whole. The only thing we do: is make it! 

Our Custom Orders are especially designed for all our customers who are looking for a special keepsake. Always wanted a cute drawing of that family photo? Or from you and your friends, or simply a concert poster? We could help you with that! 

How it works:

- You choose an image you want on your Print, it can be of any size, but make it as high quality as possible so we can re-draw it. so we can at least see the right colors and lines, if it's not high quality, it can't come out the way you want it to be!
- when you found your desired image, you send it over to us on our e-mail or instagram, with your ORDER NUMBER! (that's very important) that's where we will communicate about your order too, so make sure you're active in responding
- when the image has been received, we will work on the Print, we will send you a picture of it once it is done
- you will reply back with a thumbs up, a green check, a good to go message and we will ship it out! 
- for the prints, a max of 1 re-draw can be done, NOT more!
- in the FAQ on our website you will find more details about Custom orders, please refer to that as well before ordering one!

- for large batches, such as partnerships and working together please e-mail us over at:


Please note

- we do not work on custom orders BEFORE payment, we can approve a design beforehand, but we will not work on it. Pay first, then get it made
- there's also NO refunds or exchanges possible for this product
- a custom order will take longer than a regular product to ship out, this type of product will be able to be made and shipped between 5-10 business days! 



instagram: lilmagicstore


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