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Castle Tv show Button

Castle Tv show Button

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A writer and his muse, fighting crime. 

It has been such a good while since we've seen the last of Rick and Kate, but we miss them dearly and we know they still have a pretty big fanbase. And lets be real, the show was really more about Beckett than it has ever been about Castle, we won't mention it though ;)

Our buttons are completely handmade, we create the print, print it out, cut it out by hand and then press it in the button press! All handmade from the start!

- the prints are drawn on my 2019, 9.7 inch Apple Ipad, with the matching Apple Pencil, Gen. 1
- Buttons come in 2 sizes, 25 mm or 37 mm (will differ for each button) 
- The buttons have a metal backing, making it longer lasting 
- the product pictures are just edited to make it look the best. in every lighting it will look different

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