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One of a Kind, No Category || SIX Button

One of a Kind, No Category || SIX Button

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 Six the Musical, what a ride! SIX the musical holds a place in our hearts and that of our customers! That's why we are totes looking into getting more SIX merch ready for you guys!

Our buttons are completely handmade, we create the print, print it out, cut it out by hand and then press it in the button press! All handmade from the start!
Our Six the Musical buttons come in 2 sizes, 25mm and 37mm.. No comparing the Queens please! As they're all from the same category ;)

- the prints are drawn on my 2019, 9.7 inch Apple Ipad, with the matching Apple Pencil, Gen. 1
- Buttons come in 2 sizes, 25 mm or 37 mm (will differ for each button) 
- The buttons have a metal backing, making it longer lasting 
- the product pictures are just edited to make it look the best. in every lighting it will look different

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