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Max Verstappen, World Champion Keychain #2THEMAX

Max Verstappen, World Champion Keychain #2THEMAX

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Max Verstappen is the new (well not really new) Formula 1 Champion! After a rocky race he made it all happen! Well done Max!

this is the #2THEMAX Lil Magic Store Collection, a Fanmade collection for Max Verstappen fans! (remember all designs are made by us, and the products are 100% handmade)


- the keychain is made from an acrylic/plastic material to make it long lasting
- the vinyl is a long lasting type that is pressed on with human strength.
- the keychain is about 9,5CM long
- the totebag is under pre-order, as the totebags are still in transit and on its way, so they will ship once they arrive here. about 1-2 weeks! The keychain will be shipped instantly

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